MAME 0.245 Released!

From The highly-anticipated release of MAME 0.245 has finally arrived! As I’m sure many of you are already aware, we’ve added support for two elusive arcade games that didn’t see widespread release: Megumi Rescue and Marble Madness II, and the Konami Polygonet system has finally come to life. But before we get to that, ... Read More

MAME 0.244 Released!

From Given how many exciting updates have gone into MAME 0.244, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since the last release! Only one disk has been added to the Apple II software lists, but it comes with a very engaging story involving physically damaged media and manual data repairs. The Zilog Z80 CPU ... Read More

MAME 0.243 released!

From Another month has passed, and it’s time for another MAME release! MAME 0.243 has a few fairly big internal changes, and while we’re working towards making MAME more future-proof, there will likely be some regressions in the short term. The most noticeable regression that we’re aware of is that rhythm games using DVD media ... Read More


It seems the internet has noticed my site is a mess. My apologies for not having things in working order yet. MAME downloads are still available in the messy folder, or can always be found on my github here: Site will be in working order in a few days!

new site, who dis

Despite my ongoing love/hate relationship with wordpress, it was really the simplest thing I could have done to get this page running on the new server. This, of course, throws out all my simple html design right out the window. But it also forces me to do a little actual work around here. This page ... Read More

MAME 0.242 released!

From Today is a bittersweet day. After a quarter of a century, we’ve decided that it’s no longer in our best interests to distribute MAME as Open Source/Free Software. Wait, that’s not the right announcement… After many fruitful years, we’ve come to realise MAME has achieved everything it can. The project is now in ... Read More