MAME 0.259 is released!

MAME released a few days later than normal for my schedule this month, but I found the time to get some builds done only about a day later (not too bad…) and I’ve uploaded them for your gaming pleasure! – Intel – Apple Silicon I’m still slowly working on changing up this site ... Read More

MAME 0.258 Released! I’ve not the time ATM to upload the release to this site, so please get from github for the time being. Enjoy!

MAME 0.257 Released!

In the heat of the summer, mamedev has cooked us up a hot new release to ensure our PC rooms stay nice and warm during the impossibly hot season. So we never have to worry about our machines getting too cold! OK, the new release is here, get it while it’s hot! Check out ... Read More

MAME 0.256 Released!

This release caught me off-guard this month but we’ve got it squared away now! Check-out the whatsnew_0256.txt for this months new additions! There is also a new SDL release, you should upgrade that on your systems as well. Again this month the Intel build is patched to build on 10.14, so MAME can work on ... Read More

An update regarding MAME on Intel.

UPDATE:  MAME 0.255 for Intel MacOS is here! It has been quite some time since I promised a solution and truth be told, the solution I had worked out didn’t work as I expected so I offered no solution instead. While MAME itself would actually build on MacOS 10.13 and above according to a dev, ... Read More

MAME 0.255 Released!

It’s the end of the month again (at least when I wrote this it was), and as we roll into summer weather here in the US, it’s also time for a new MAME release. I’ve uploaded the Apple Silicon build to github yesterday and just never got to updating this page. The latest release can ... Read More

MAME 0.254 Released!

Yesterday the mamedev team dropped the latest MAME release, which features many, many great new things this time around! Check the whatsnew_0254.txt for all the deets. Concerning the Intel builds, I can say I’m working on a solution. Give me a few days for this, apologies, I’m busy and work is very, very time consuming. ... Read More

MAME 0.253 Released! (Sort of…)

Visitors here will no doubt know that there have been issues with building x86 versions of MAME for me for the past two months now. It seems this release the why is more readily known, from It’s time for MAME 0.253, but before we start talking about all the exciting updates, there are a ... Read More

MAME 0.252 Released!

A little late posting this here as I was delaying until I could get Intel builds going, but alas, it’s not working out for me. Next week when I have more time to dedicate, I’ll see what can be done, but it appears as supporting OS X 10.14 and above may be a thing of ... Read More

MAME 0.251 Released!

The last MAME release of 2022 comes in right at the end of the year for us, with 0.251 finally getting it’s push out into peoples hands! Downloads: (Intel) – (Apple Silicon) – whatsnew_0251.txt P.S. – A side note: dealing with WordPress has become completely unbearable, and as soon as I figure out ... Read More