MAME 0.254 Released!

Yesterday the mamedev team dropped the latest MAME release, which features many, many great new things this time around! Check the whatsnew_0254.txt for all the deets.

Concerning the Intel builds, I can say I’m working on a solution. Give me a few days for this, apologies, I’m busy and work is very, very time consuming. I hope to have something to share by the end of the weekend. Thank you all for your patience, I’m hoping if things go right we’ll have new builds before long.

For now, the ARM64 builds are available as usual right here for the Apple Silicon machines, and I’ll have more news soon.

4 thoughts on “MAME 0.254 Released!

  1. Thank you for your work Jay 🙂
    I’m stuck on ver 0.251 because it’s the latest version that works on my intel Ventura iMac (and it’s still working good), cheer up with your work on new buildings for both Arm&Intel

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