MAME 0.253 Released! (Sort of…)

Visitors here will no doubt know that there have been issues with building x86 versions of MAME for me for the past two months now. It seems this release the why is more readily known, from

It’s time for MAME 0.253, but before we start talking about all the exciting updates, there are a couple of things that will affect people compiling or packaging MAME. Firstly, libc++ 6 is no longer supported. You can still compile with clang 6, but you’ll need to use libc++ 7 or later, or GNU libstdc++ 7 or later, for the C++ standard library. Secondly, MAME now requires Lua compiled as C++ to work correctly. This prevents the use of Lua libraries from Linux distribution package repositories, as they are compiled as C. (The technical reason for this change is that MAME requires C++ stack frames to be unwound correctly, including destructor calls, when Lua errors are raised from C++ code. Using Lua compiled as C will cause resource leaks.)

It’s no doubt these changes that have effected my older MacOS 10.14 development system. I currently have no idea what 10.15 ships with Xcode, but I have my doubts. But it’s that time of year when mamedev changes up things, so no doubt it would have come sooner or later. I’ll likely have to look into different “hackintosh” solutions out there, because none of my Intel machines can go beyond 10.15 with a stock setup.

I’ll have to ‘do my homework’ as they say. hopefully I can come up with a solution that works, as supporting older releases has been something I’ve always tried to keep around, but this may be the end of the road for many older Macs.

That said, I’ll do what I can for a solution in the meantime, arm64 builds are alive and well since they are current development based machines, the ecosystem is maintained. I’d still like to offer an Intel solution, but it may take some time to sort out the plan. – 100 MB


9 thoughts on “MAME 0.253 Released! (Sort of…)

    1. How to start this File ?
      Before I use the M64 App to launch SDL Mame 0.251
      The App is not working for the 0.252 to 0.253 Version.
      Sorry i have no experience in Programming Language …
      Thanks in Advance

        1. Please, if you are compiling mame for intel in its latest versions, can you share it, thank you very much

          1. Thank you for your interest in these builds. I have shared them for over 20 years, every build I have done is available here on this site. Unfortunately, new mame releases no longer build on my Intel Macs. This is not mame’s fault but Apples, and there’s nothing I can currently do to change the lack of Intel builds. If I find a solution in the future, I’d course I will provide builds, but currently I have none.

      1. Same exact problem as XPMan, would love to know how to run this binary on it’s own. I’ve tried copying folders from my working version of .251 but not sure – would love some help from those who got it to work! thank you either way @noxx09!!

  1. Xcode 11, which runs on macOS 10.14, is LLVM 8 under the hood and it should build current MAME properly.

    1. Yes, I don’t believe mame to be the issue though. It appears the bgfx lib requires MacOS 11+ . As in my digging through things, this is the item I’ve come across that’s a deal breaker for 10.14. A way around that requirement is what I’ve been searching for. Even brew isn’t going below Big Sur anymore, and I lack newer hardware to run MacOS 11+ on Intel. So I’ve kinda put it on the back-burner.

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