MAME 0.252 Released!

A little late posting this here as I was delaying until I could get Intel builds going, but alas, it’s not working out for me. Next week when I have more time to dedicate, I’ll see what can be done, but it appears as supporting OS X 10.14 and above may be a thing of the past.*

* I do hope I’m wrong.

The Apple Silicon build for 0.252 is here. and the whatsnew_0252.txt for the extensive list of changes in this two month release gap.

6 thoughts on “MAME 0.252 Released!

    1. It’s going to be a few days before I have time to look into it. I work weekends so I’m not able to find the time to work on this for a few days. I’m hoping I can get it going, sadly it takes like 3 hours to build on my old machines 🙁

    1. The reason why I target older MacOS releases is to maintain compatibility with them. MAME built on Monterey, means it won’t run on anything older than that release. I always target the oldest MacOS release MAME will build on. With this release, that may have changed what I can ship.

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