MAME 0.252 Released!

A little late posting this here as I was delaying until I could get Intel builds going, but alas, it’s not working out for me. Next week when I have more time to dedicate, I’ll see what can be done, but it appears as supporting OS X 10.14 and above may be a thing of the past.*

* I do hope I’m wrong.

The Apple Silicon build for 0.252 is here. and the whatsnew_0252.txt for the extensive list of changes in this two month release gap.

16 thoughts on “MAME 0.252 Released!

    1. It’s going to be a few days before I have time to look into it. I work weekends so I’m not able to find the time to work on this for a few days. I’m hoping I can get it going, sadly it takes like 3 hours to build on my old machines 🙁

    1. The reason why I target older MacOS releases is to maintain compatibility with them. MAME built on Monterey, means it won’t run on anything older than that release. I always target the oldest MacOS release MAME will build on. With this release, that may have changed what I can ship.

    2. Noxx09, you’re a hero, man. Really. Many thanks for rescuing MAME from a very premature death on Apple Intel chips. So ridiculous, considering the hardware is hardly exhausted or at end-of-life.

      Happy to report your MAME binary is working perfectly on Ventura (latest version; I’m calling it Ventura Highway for fun). This is off a MacBook Pro from about 2019, Intel chips.

      Admittedly, a lot of software/terminal hoops needed jumping, especially with QMC2 having such rough times in the macOS world, these years. I feel or the guy who created QMC2, but it’s troubling that no one has really picked-up his lost baton. Fortunate that QMC2 works with Ventura still, albeit a bit slow and clunky on interface buttons and such. Requires adjusting one’s expectations of speed and efficiency– but it definitely still works.

      And now that you’ve been kind enough to compile the latest MAME for Intel Macs, that works, too.

      Cheers to you.

      1. Hi Herb. Why you don’t use the integrated Mame32UI ? You put the rights roms (and others) path on the mame.ini file and you make a little applescript like this :

        set mamepath to “/Volumes/Games/Mame/” — put the path from the root, here a disk called Games with a Mame folder
        do shell script “cd ” & mamepath & “; ./mame”

        Export it like an Application under AppleScript and put it where you want to start the Mame32UI to chose roms.

        1. Thanks for the suggestion, Noxx09! That’s a tough one, though. Been using QMC2 (macOS) for many years, and I find it hard to beat. Of course, I also have it customized to taste, via .ini file, as for file paths with logical names, and the visual frame with patterns that the QMC2 chap included ages ago. So my install kind of looks like a library interface, with a comprehensive hierarchical list on the left, images on the right, logs in a small space under that, and buttons across the top, to switch from title screens and history and all the other goodies. Looks really great and functions the same. Slick, but not intrusive. Before it got outdated, it was also just as fast as any other app, as for clicking actions. Seems like it would be hard to de-invest from QMC2, now. I know there was an update for newer OS releases, but the macOS version seems to not have made it before the QMC2 site was gone. C’est la vie; still works, though definitely a little sticky. I suppose it won’t be long before it’s dead, so changing to another front end is likely imminent. Cheers.

    3. can anybody please provide basic instructions for getting this to work on Mojave OS? I tried copying all the folders from the most recent MAME version that works on my machine (.251) and combined them with your binary in hopes it would work but did not.
      Really appreciate this in advance! I love making sure I have the most recent version of MAME and I use the M64 shortcut to open the UI (usually). Thanks in advance!

      1. The newer binary a user posted will not work on Mojave. It’s made from a newer version of MacOS. MacOS binaries are tied to the version used to build it on. The OS used to build mame will be the lowest version you can use the binary on. Can always use a newer MacOS, but never an older one.

      2. If you’re referring to 0.253 running on Mojave, it won’t. Nor will it be possible to build MAME for Mojave, as the requirements for the source code itself have changed to need newer core libraries. I’m not sure yet of the new minimum MacOS version needed, but it looks like many older Macs are out of commission now. NOTE: This is not MAME’s fault, this is entirely because Apple requires all apps be linked to their internal libc+, which they do not provide updates for older OSes. This is Apple’s “planned obsolescence” that people always complain about. There isn’t much one can do about it.

        1. Is this then safe to confirm that MAME .251 is the last version that will work on Mojave? Very much appreciate your explanation Jay.

          1. Yes. At least at this time and/or anything else materializes in order to be able to compile mame again on it.

  1. I am using osx Ventura on an Intel mac Hackintosh. Anyone know how to get the Mayflash Gamecube adapter to be recognised by MAME? The SmashEnabler.kext is no longer compatible and the Gamecube adapter driver v.1.6 only works with Dolphin.

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