MAME 0.251 Released!

The last MAME release of 2022 comes in right at the end of the year for us, with 0.251 finally getting it’s push out into peoples hands!

Downloads: (Intel) (Apple Silicon)whatsnew_0251.txt

P.S. – A side note: dealing with WordPress has become completely unbearable, and as soon as I figure out how to get things working to how I’d like them, I’m moving to Hugo for statically generated markdown content. It has been nothing but frustrating dealing with WP for the past year and I’m over it!

Anyway, Happy New Year to all!

6 thoughts on “MAME 0.251 Released!

  1. Thanks as always Jay. Out of curiosity: when you build for x86, what does your make command look like? I sometimes build my own, and I notice that the outputs I get are a little different. E.g., I get more tools, like aueffectutil, regrep, srcclean, etc., and I also see that my MAME executable is quite a bit bigger than the one in your build (341 vs 287 MB).

    What I run: make -j5 REGENIE=1 TOOLS=1

    1. The extra tools I just don’t include. I only ship what they comparatively ship with the windows build. As for the size, that’s likely from STRIP_SYMBOLS=1 that I’ve been using on my builds for some time now.

  2. Intel version points to a file with the wrong name, having x64 at the end instead of x86. Manually inputting the correct filename in the browser window works and starts the download. Thanks for your continued efforts and Happy New Year! =)

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