5 thoughts on “MAME 0.249 released!

    1. There is no real “installation”. You download the zip, unzip it, put your roms in the roms/ folder and then run MAME from a terminal. MAME is used like a Unix application on MacOS, much the same as how the Windows port is used on that platform. You can run MAME from the folders it comes with, no need to install. You must also enable MAME to run through the MacOS GateKeeper or else MacOS will not run the program.

  1. ARM version has many bugs – for example Virtua Racing rending is unusable and some cores are very slow. The Intel version runs on the ARM macOS without these issues

    1. Yes the arm platform has many bugs. Many cpu cores were written for x86 machine optimizations, etc. it will take time for the arm work to catch up. And yes you can use the x86 bins at the cost of performance loss on ARM but they will work decently. The point of offering both is for native running code for users who would like to maximize that.

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