MAME for MacOS - 64-bit Intel & Apple Silicon

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Please make sure you have installed the SDL runtime library first!

Please also note MAME is a console application, use or a frontend!

ARM64 builds will not work on Intel Macs, but Intel builds will work on ARM Macs.

Name Date Size md5sum
SDLMAME v0.261 Intel (x86_64) 2023-11-28 112 MB 8b7200aef57f54bac896cb0cc551fae6
SDLMAME v0.261 Apple Silicon (arm64) 2023-11-28 104 MB 2712effa4d0b26c615600956f9888ce9

ChangeLog: whatsnew_0260.txt

Old releases can be found here.

The Intel 64-bit build is compiled on macOS 10.14.6 with Xcode 11.3.1 and SDL 2.28.4. M1 build compiled on macOS 12.7 with SDL 2.28.4 using XCode 14.2. If this does not work for you, and you've met the requirements, let me know!. NOTE: The Intel builds only support 10.14 and above.

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